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About FC 2 Ankle

Lower Extremity Technology Inc. (L.E.T) was established in 1997 as an orthotic custom fabrication company with our main focus being the unique lower extremity challenges faced by the current generation of talented, skilled and caring orthotists. Over the years we have fabricated thousands of orthoses from simple U.C.Bs to highly complex H.K.A.F.Os with quality, function and durability our primary concerns

Since 1999 L.E.T. has been developing a flexion control ankle joint with the goals of addressing multiple issues. The complexity and time involved in the accurate fabrication of metal ankle joints have made some products cost prohibitive. At L.E.T we are proud to introduce the Flexion Control Ankle Joint (FC2). Manufactured in the USA from annealed 304 Stainless Steel and featuring a proprietary nitrided, spherical axis we can now offer you the best combination of simple fabrication with the performance you have come to expect from all of L.E.T's products.

The FC2 has been designed with the utmost attention to detail. It has been pre-contoured to save fabrication time and when it comes to performance we believe it will exceed your expectations. The patented spherical axis is the key, it allows the joints to be fabricated within a certain margin of error but to perform as though they are perfectly square. From simplifying fabrication, to greater, more consistent gait and up to 70 degrees of adjustability you can set the patient exactly where you need and continue to make adjustments with no need to remake the device! This equates to cost savings for you and superior outcomes for your patients.


My patient has MS and is quite active. He has had issues with the braces that he was using. They were not offering quite enough support and adjustability. I fit him with the new braces with the FC2 ankle joints and he has done very well. It has allowed us to fine tune the angles to meet his needs. It also allows him to change the angles for different activities. They have worked very well and I would use them again. Very easy to fabricate.

Thanks again,

Greg Duncan CPO

Rocky Mountain Lim & Brace

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